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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Modern Ranch Style House Designs

Modern Ranch Style House Designs

Don't be surprised to have a one-story house so it can't be comfortable and modern. Just look at the proof at the following house this Modern Ranch Style House Designs  is the result of a renovation of a mid-century style house that has been renovated into a modern style house.

The first house which was compartmentalized was overhauled in an open style so that it produced a spacious room and could be accessed easily. There are some interesting features that are not missed in this house, for example unique hexagon-shaped windows, sleek fireplaces, decorative elements on the walls. All of these are integrated with some neat modern elements that make the home look beautiful and comfortable. The use of colors that vary from pink, blue, purple, velvet textures, wood, and abstract patterns also enliven the atmosphere of the house. The last natural scenery displayed from the large windows throughout the house gives an extraordinary finishing touch to this house, check it out

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