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Monday, June 25, 2018

Colorful Kitchen Decor ideas, Dare to be different

Colorful Kitchen Decor ideas, Dare to be different

Not everyone likes the excessive colorful decorations in their home kitchen. But there's nothing wrong if you want to try something new in your kitchen so dare to be different with colorful kitchen decor ideas, for example, adding a lot of bright and striking color variations. check it out,


The first way that can be done is to change the total color of the kitchen cabinet that commonly used to store goods cooking needs. These cabinets have a great impact on the feel of your kitchen when changing its color.

Beautiful fresh green color

Pink enthusiasts sure are not interested?

Yellow light for kitchen. Why not?

It could also just painted the inside of the cabinet.

Dare to be different with the colors?


Many people apply orange and light brown colors to the countertop in their kitchen. But why apply something mainstream to your kitchen? What if using colors that are bold enough and flashy?

A bright pink color with a brown wooden layer is also suitable to blend.

Have a minimalist kitchen? Yellow color can be a countertop solution

Bright blue gives a big influence on the small kitchen

Pink pastel is suitable for you who are not risk taker


Here it is, the most obvious way when you want to add color to your kitchen. Especially if it's not a wall? Paint your walls with striking and bold colors.

Blue gives the impression of calm in the kitchen

What about the super cute pink color

Kitchen looks luxurious only with purple

Add a green color over the kitchen ceramic wall.


Do not forget this one part. If you do not want to bother changing the color of ceramic floor or wooden floor, use the carpet.

Fresh green leaf floor

Use a carpet with beautiful colors in a minimalist kitchen


If you do not really want to take the risk in decorating your kitchen using striking colors, adding colorful backsplash can be an option.

Exotic pink backsplash.

Kitchen looks luxurious even though only added a little color

Blue shades are visible even with backsplash.

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