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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Simple Steps to Build Cozy Home Private Library on a Budget

Your hobby is reading and collecting books? Why not try to build private library in your own home? It certainly could open up good habits for other family members.

Indirectly by the presence of cozy private library at home, other family members will also get used to reading. Reading books is certainly a good habit because the book is a window to the world. Many reads can also affect a person’s intellectual level. Therefore, consider the following tips before you decide to make a library at home.

Here’s the steps

Comfortable room

The first thing to note is that the room will be comfortable enough to use as a library. Comfort can be presented with good air circulation system. Set all the existing furniture so as not to cover the air circulation and maximize light entering the room. The room does not have a specific room. If space is limited, you can still use the empty space even though it is limited to the lower bulkhead. Leisure space could you wake up with a unique concept.

Choose the right color

Because the reading room should be made with the feel of cool, calm, and quiet, you should choose a light blue color that can create a sense of calm and peace. With soft blue color, we can concentrate on reading. In addition to blue, you can also choose a light green color with a low tone. Avoid using red, yellow, or orange, as the color – the color is too bright, so that our minds can not be calm and focused.

Unique concept

Your library does not need to have its own special space. Simply take advantage of existing space. Create a unique concept to cover existed deficiencies. For example, with an open space, you can develop the concept of a library that blends with nature. Surely this concept will be a pretty unique concept. Your mini library room was not impressed locked and closed.

Lighting Enough

One of the important things that should not be overlooked is lighting. Lighting in your library should be sufficient. This is because the light is dim not good for your eyes health. You can use a lamp that is placed right behind you while reading. This method is effective enough so your eyes do not get tired.

Strong Bookshelves and stable / Structuring the Right Book

Put the book and set it right on the bookshelf. Position the rack in the correct location which is attached to the wall and enough density. It is aimed so that the air can still flow between the gap and wall shelves. Surely this is a good book so that moisture is maintained. You can use a cooler space, which certainly will make you feel more comfortable and convenient for long reading.

In choosing a bookcase, make sure the size is not too big and not too small. To be sure, the existence of a bookshelf should not be too large and dominates the reading area. Also, do not choose a bookcase that is too small and narrow, as this will make your book collection became too crowded and coincide when put in here. In addition, select tall bookcase is equivalent to your height, so the book is located at the top are still easy to reach.

Furniture for reading room

Provide comfortable furniture that you can use for reading, it could be a small chair, sofa, couch, or recliner. Make sure the seat is quite soft and comfortable to use for long periods sitting. The number of seats adjusted by the number of people who can access this area, this area is reserved only for yourself or for the whole family. If intended for all members of the family, you surely provide more seating.

Provide comfortable smooth carpet.

To improve the reading room comfortable, provide a soft and comfortable carpet. Carpets should also be quite thick, so it can dampen sound vibration from the outside. Carpet also allows if you want to read in a way sitting on the floor.

Bring plants for ornamental decoration

You could put some plants, original plant and not imitation in the reading area, the plant can simultaneously play a role in providing a natural touch in the reading room so it does not seem stiff check it another ideas

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