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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

The shabby chic style is a graceful and feminine style with a Pop-Victorian touch combined with elegant vintage, this style is making the look of a room more beautiful and can be applied to any room inside the house even for the bathroom.

Women and men also like the shabby chic style. With this style, entering the bathroom space makes you feel to be in a different world, here are some things that you can bring to get the shabby chic atmosphere easily lets check it out

1. Bring furniture that has begun shabby but still beautiful to look at. for example by placing a mirror that looks antique but has neutral or pastel colors. To give the impression of obsolete, you can sandpaper some parts of the mirror frame that you have.

2. Use cloth from cotton or linen material with a small flower motif, if necessary combined with lace fabric. Use it for tissue box or for towels storage in the bathroom.

3. Use plain white color but with certain motifs or textures, for the tablecloth or the curtain in the bathroom.

4. The use of pastel colors, white, beige, pink or light blue is a must. There is no problem if you want to experiment with other soft colors.

5. You can hunt for unique items at thrift stores. Who knows you find many items suitable not only for your bathroom but also for the other part house.

6. If you have stuff with a vintage style then do not hesitate to put it in this area. Shelves, vases, toiletries and so forth can you put in this location.

7. If you want to be creative with existing items or new items, you can create some DIY (Do It Yourself) accessories that you create it base on your taste, repainted the new item or old one and turn it into a vintage by repainting it, get inspired.

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