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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Plants Decoration Ideas

Ornamental plants can be a decorative feature in any home. They can help improve air quality, cover up unpleasant odors and muffle loud noises. Benefit in keeping the plants around the house are very abundant, as well as a way to display ornamental plants. Of course you can keep the plants in a traditional pot or in the garden window, but there are many other ways and more creative ways to be considered. Here’s an unusual way to show ornamental plants in home.

In A Frame
Ornamental plants can be placed in a frame, how to use a large frame and wire to hang some plants vertically on your wall. It works well with low maintenance plants. They can become a major focal point in the room or your artwork.

In the form of words
Many craft vendors wood fiber or cardboard which can perforate and add flowers or other plants. Use it to make the initials of your name, a brief welcome message or the other.

Hang it on ceilings
Hanging plants is not a new concept, but there are all sorts of creative ways to display your hanging plants without using the same old plant pots with a hook.

Vertical garden
The park is very useful, but take up a lot of space. But using window boxes or other hardware to make top and bottom of the garden wall or fence to save space and create an attractive focal point.

Inside the book
If you have any old books are no longer read, you can make use of it be a sort of receptacle for your plants. The way you can make a hole in the book and put plants inside it, the plants in this book particularly suitable to be placed in the home library or office.

In a Terrarium
Terrariums have been used for house plants for many years, but glass containers can be used in many different ways and for a variety of different plants. Get creative with this method.

In the drawer
Small or large drawer at home can also accommodate various types of plants. Just keep them in a pot and put the whole piece in your drawer. Let it open so your plant can get sunlight needed by plants.

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