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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Entryway Ideas with Bench and Home Foyer decorating

When we hear the word “foyer”, what is imagined in the mind? Probably most of us would answer, a room complete with a console table or buffet, with paintings, mirrors or picture frames on the walls, on top of it. By adhering to this assumption, many people fail to make the foyer in their home, by reason that insufficient land size. In fact, this assumption is not entirely true.

Talk about any room, including the foyer, supposedly started from the function of room. or also called transition room. As the name implies, this room serves to “deliver” guests from one room to another. Or we usually put them in the front room, as a transition before entering the living room or family room. So, as long as its functions are fulfilled, any such arrangement would foyer, no problem, the picture below for some foyer ideas that might be enrich your vision, let check it out.

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