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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

Towards the year 2017 the trend of modern bathroom design is pretty much changed from the previous year. Functional and elegant modern bathroom design is an important part of new home design or home staging. The variety of bathroom features, furniture, decorative materials, like modern wallpaper, floor and wall tile designs for bathroom decorating, gives a chance to create unique bathroom designs for any taste and in any style.

Below are the predictions of the bathroom will be the trend in 2018

Contemporary sleek and minimalist — simple with clean lines — continues as the trend for the second half of 2017. Next years must have’ when it comes to baths has to be Teuco’s Paper Bath. with its invisible system and chroma-therapy lighting.

Both square and rounded shapes can be used within the bathroom space as long as they have crisp clean lines. However, choosing a square bath or sinks does not mean you have to choose a square toilet. For comfort reasons, ensure you try before you buy.

Technology becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity as the demands of day-to-day life continue to take their toll. Tap tile products are touch- sensitive lighting control systems which can be used anywhere in the bathroom, next to the bath, or even in the shower enclosure.

You can control your light switches, dimmers and power switches by simply holding your hand over the bathroom tile. The sensor is embedded behind the tile (up to 10 mm-thick tiles) so you can ditch the ugly pull cord and create one-touch mood control.

Bathroom wallpaper has become the new in thing to create glamorous and beautiful bathrooms. I think aesthetics are beginning to override practicality as it’s best to keep wallpaper away from wet areas — it is most definitely not waterproof.

Purple has made a huge comeback. Rich plum purples teamed with fresh high-gloss white tiles and high-gloss furniture will create a glamorous feel to any bathroom.

An elegant touch is to choose some brassware, perhaps in an interesting color or design. Another option is to go for a more traditional or ornate style, or maybe gold or black for something very on trend.

Where space allows, a free-standing bath is the fundamental element of the bathroom. If possible, the bath should be
positioned on a raised area, almost like placing it on a pedestal similar to works of art displayed in an art gallery.

Traditional cast-iron baths have been replaced by acrylic and stone resin composites. The current trend is to blend the traditional with the modern.

Feature lighting should be used so one can’t actually see where the light is coming from. It can give the effect that the bath, for example, is floating or has an almost heavenly glow surrounding it. Mood lighting in warm shades of white or color tend to work best, lets take a look

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