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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cozy Small Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you planning on renovating the attic? Think about to change it into a beautiful bathroom, then your attic becomes a more useful function. However, think carefully about the size of the attic room, what equipment will be in it, such as the bathroom floor also installation of pipes and drains water  etc.

If your attic space is narrow, avoid using a bathtub, just a shower without borders with sink area. However, if you want to enjoy the thrill of soaking in the bathtub while gazing at the sky outside, you could still use a bathtub, making sure that the part for your head has enough space. Considering the attic is the top of a house, there is a low ceiling, do not let the bath tub is placed under a low ceiling to avoid your head stumble, although most of your time is lying down in the bathtub

Before choosing a bathtub, determine its weight, especially when it is fully loaded with water. And do not forget to reinforce your attic floor to be able to support heavy loads. If you do not want to make a window make a skylight for sunlight so that the attic bathroom looks brighter and airy, this will make you feel comfortable when the relaxation in the bathroom more open. The point is you don't be afraid to try and to give a different touch of your attic bathroom.

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