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Monday, May 08, 2017

Beautify the room with Eclectic Style Home Furniture

The basic concept of eclectic design (interior and furniture) are bringing together the traditional concept with a more modern design concept. Design themes always change as time changes. There are times where the themes (classic, tropical, modern, art deco, minimalist, etc.) become a trend, but the time change so does the themes will also change.

When theme design become trend, most people buy furniture follow the trend. But when the time change, whether existing furniture at home should be replaced with new furniture?

On that condition above, the concept of eclectic began to be applied. Eclectic means selecting what looks good, whether furniture, decor themes (mood, style, etc), and then combined in a harmonious whole. Here you can combine several styles of furniture in one room. However, the common thread that produces a harmonious composition remains to be considered.


For eclectic furniture layout is not really different from other objects. same as when we set up art-work in house. Amount should be taken to ensure that not too much and even eliminate its aesthetic value. The size is also taken into consideration, as much as the furniture may be a sweetener and a focal point in the room.

Motif, Pattern, and Color

To begin eclectic interior decorating style, ensure variety of furniture or items that will use in the room has a similar color scheme, if the color is different then it’s should complement each other. The colors that create antique but modern impression is brown, maroon, bronze color, copper color, and the colors of nature (wood, stone, land).

Eclectic-style furniture maintenance

For the maintenance eclectic furnishings may be generally the same as other furniture especially the antique furniture. Eclectic home furnishings can be composed of variety of materials, like wood or wood + glass + metal or wood + rattan + pottery, For maintenance do this, Maintain cleanliness of the furniture, Use wax to coat your furniture. After all the dust eliminated spray wax coating on cotton cloth and rub on the furniture surface, Perform routine cleaning and maintenance periodically so that always look clean and well maintained.

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