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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Maximize Interior Design in Small Space

Not only the architecture but interior design of a house should also get attention for maximum results and comfortable for live in. If architecture is more referring to how a dwelling was created to meet the needs of its owner but interior design is a tool to dig more deeply and to get answers from all the problems and desires for the owner.

The interior designer provides the best solution for the owner dwelling needs. So if there is a resident owner with a small space that comes and asks for advice how to design a comfortable room, then the task of the designer is to make sure that ideas is able to be done. The result, high creativity, and unimaginable ideas can emerge and can be done well.

For example how to maximize the narrow space into a comfortable interior design. Just look at how the following dwellings appear comfortable with different levels that ensure the occupants are fulfilled of all their needs for both the public and private spaces.

The first floor was designed for public spaces such as kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms. While the living areas appear spacious because of the illusion of a double ceiling height half level added in room

Upstairs though short and but provide comfort for the bedroom area is more private and intimate.
Complete with relaxing sitting area and dressing table. The area under the stairs is also not wasted and is used for the storage of the owner's book collection. The point is smart to maximize all the space without making it look forced and overcrowded!

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