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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Beautiful Natural Pond Design Ideas for Backyard and Garden

Some inspiration to plan and design a natural garden pond perhaps that you can emulate in your home. Some of them also equipped with additional facilities such as a touch pergola and patio as a place of relaxation or barbecue facilities for a meal with family. Instead curious, try to see some of these design ideas.

Garden Pond with Mini Bridge Decoration

Want to enjoy garden view from the pond? By building a mini bridge you can freely pass through the pond area while enjoying the beautiful view from above.

You can use a bridge connecting one area to another on a separate garden because of the large pond, for example between a terrace house with patio for place to relax.

Pond Rocks with barbeque facilities

If you wanna have dinner your family with natural atmosphere like being outdoors in the beautiful banks of the river, by making a long pond with a rock edge in addition to a special area for barbecue facilities may be an option.

Barbecue facilities and outdoor sitting place could be placed under a wooden pergola. To keep natural impression, you can decor modern timber pergola with flowering vines. Around the pond and barbecue area can be planted with ornamental plants pretty are arranged neatly.

Ponds with Natural Rock Waterfalls

To create a natural pond, not only rocky ledges and water plants that could be added to the pond. You can also add a touch of artificial waterfall and natural stones also wild plants that match the water pond. Add antique wooden chair at its edge as a place for you to calm down and relax

Natural Pond with a Small Stream Flowing

If you have a large enough garden, create a pond with a small stream will probably be a pretty interesting sight. This way as though you have your own private river in your home.

Pond with Pergola ornament

In addition to building a miniature bridge passable only for a moment, you could build a small dock patio equiped with pergola roof . This way you can enjoy pond without having been exposed to rain or heat. Gathering and relax also be more comfortable because you can sit on patio chair with friends or family.

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