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Monday, March 13, 2017

Converting a Warehouse into a Modern Home

Who would have thought if the following modern dwelling is the result of the renovation of a warehouse building that has been disused. Taking advantage of existing open concept, home made with the same concept. Located in the suburbs of Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, this old building, of an industrial style with a brick-covered exterior, has a pleasant surprise inside.

The house with a brick wall with industrial style interior turned out to save a pleasant surprise in it. The interior design is made with a casual and simple style. Greet with bursts of color and create a flow of positive energy in its interior. The kitchen area and dining table made with a warm wood materials, merges perfectly.

On the second floor, there is a small living room which is located just below the roof of the white color creates a cozy atmosphere. While in the bedroom, the bed was made facing windows with panoramic city views. The bathroom was also made with the clean look, a little mint green color to give a refreshing touch. At the backyard there is a garden, just look at the outdoor dining area with a cool pergola decoration. A home with a natural atmosphere that is warm, comfortable, and soothing for everyone who lives there.

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