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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Baby Room Furniture Sets must have

Every parent must be busy preparing everything for their first baby's presence. Some objects are usually purchased include clothing, baby bath supplies, and toys. But, do not forget to also prepare furniture for baby and mothers. Nursery furniture should be selected that is safe for the baby, without disrupting the mother activity.

Baby Room Beds Multifunction

Baby cot multifunctional highly recommended for saving the place, especially if the baby's room together with the parents' room. Multifunctional Baby cot has three purposes at once, that is for a baby crib, changing diapers, and a place to store baby clothes. If necessary, can also be fitted baby bath.

Nursery furniture beds attached

Usually, the baby sleeping with mother in bed master bedroom. Because of the narrow beds, and usually, the father had to give in and move to another bedroom. Therefore select the cots on one side can be opened. By doing so, you can breastfeed and calm the baby when you wake up at midnight. Just make sure the crib is sticking with bunks parents.

Baby Room Furniture Cabinet Care

Baby's room is separate from the parent's room and given a special room, special cabinet for storing baby gear needed is a must in order not to look messy. Choose the color and design in accordance with the theme of the room. Replace some of the frills and baby toys as accessories, to make it look more cute and cozy.

Chairs for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers should have a comfortable chair to breastfeed. Provide a chair with padding back and sides are padded, which is fitting to hold the baby while breastfeeding. Provide ottoman so that her feet more spacious and comfortable. If necessary, provide rocking sofa chair like this (pictures), because babies aged 5 months starting pleased being hugged to make them sleep faster..

Baby swaying bed

The function of baby swaying bed makes the baby more quickly fell asleep and quiet. If you're tired of carrying, Prepare the swaying bed, this furniture is not used as a bed, but the only place to make them quickly fell asleep. After the baby started peacefully, move to the baby bed.

Breastfeeding chair 2 in 1

Baby swaying chair, as well as the bed, is very practical. You can simply put the baby to bed after feeding. You can wiggle cots tirelessly to carry them. Babies sleep soundly much faster, and you are not too tired to carry them, and when they are two years old, you should immediately set up a child's room.

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