Saturday, February 25, 2017

Multifunction Pergola Design to Beautify Outdoor Space

Pergola by easy definition is a 'framework' or frame-shape applied to beautify the outdoor space at home and usually always added with vines as a form of decoration elements.

Pergola is not the main thing that must be given priority in the house construction. But to build a pergola in the outdoors, you can use it for a variety functions which is quite interesting and useful, you know. House pergola can be used for a variety of functions, ranging from outdoor dining room, outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room as a fun place to socialize, rest areas are full of personal privacy, even as a reading room or private workspace.

To decorate pergolas, does not have to always use the vines are quite complicated treatment. You could also really use a variety of small plants are maintained in pots. Arrange A row of small pots of orchids or bonsai contain on the edges of the pole pergola or on the sidelines of the wall. You can also hang plants in pretty pots hanging on the ceiling of the pergola. For the lamp itself you can use minimalist or contemporary lights, lanterns lanterns also with a variety of forms. Can also order a small candle on the table as a complement for lighting at night.

Pergola As a Comfortable Reading Room

Reading room, library or even work space, not necessarily made ​​in the room!. You can also make it in the garden under a beautiful pergola. Create an elongated chairs complete with cushions, also table chairs for office equipment such as a laptop if you want. Do not forget cabinet as a place to put your books. Guaranteed, learning activities and work so much fun!

Pergola as Outdoor Living Room

The use of pergola as an outdoor living room, you can also apply it as extra space in the middle of the expansive yard. There you can be a friendly chat over a cup of tea with guests and your relatives, of course, while enjoying the rays of the sun and cool air in the middle of the vast courtyard and can also add a modern fireplace in the middle of your outdoor living room.

Beautiful Outdoor Dining Room Under Pergola

Want to create a romantic spot with friends under pergola? Prepare a table and chairs and classic style dim lighting of small candles or lamps glowing softly. With soft light, you could create a romantic and warm atmosphere in the outdoor dining area ..

If you need additional dining room as a place to welcome a big family, may also be made under the pergola. You can put the outdoor dining area near the kitchen. Or prepare a barbecue appliances for cooking outside with family. When finished cooking, so you can eat together at the dinner table while enjoying a pleasant view of the garden.

Pergola in front of bedroom patio

Need a break or separate oasis near the bedroom? If your bedroom has a patio or balcony, just create a terrace or balcony with a pergola roof that can be used as a sweet resting place with full privacy, just for you. Ornamental your private resting place with beautiful plants around. If you want, you can add a little swing that hangs on pergola ceiling in front of your room.

Entrance Houses

Pergola can be used as additional space in the external part of the house but also as a place to welcome guests before the entrance. You can make a small pergola fully equipped plant with pretty walkways leading to the entrance. In this way, the house became more visible and friendly welcome to anyone who visited.

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