Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Cool Feminine Dining Room Furniture Ideas

We are pleased to continue to share a sweet idea for your space, especially women who are active and energetic, and today we discussed the space for women. Glam, shabby chic style, modern, rustic and art deco is the most popular feminine space, is also a dining room. Choose a feminine style with colors and shades, pastel, off-white and pink and red to make your space flirtatious. You can always play with textures and materials and metals stone, fake fur, wood, marble and so on.

After decorating the space you will need some furniture and accessories, and the main one is a dining table, chairs, sideboard or cupboard and some lights that you like. Works of art, sculpture and various accessories are up to you. Now let us consider the coolest ideas to complement your space in the best way.

Dining table

The interesting thing about the dining room feminine, most of the dining table for a feminine space that is simple and not particularly remarkable: You can use a simple round white tables and chairs accentuate the thick, lights and other things. if you want to make things different to the table, or something bold - such as pink, blue, yellow, emerald or some other color. If you have a modern dining room, you can choose a glass dining table or a simple wooden rustic and  shabby chic or modern just by selecting the right chairs, lets take a looks.

Dining chairs

Dining chairs are often used to make a room more feminine, and they can be bold or subtle and offers a simple table. floral decorations and pastel cloth seats because they look gorgeous and make dining appear feminine. If there is enough space, you can take not only the seats but also a padded bench in a soft color or floral upholstery. Unusual and seat fabrics in a variety of pastel colors look very cute and fluffy.


Cool lighting is part of the decoration to accentuate space and to complete the look. if you want to add glam shades, chandelier with a vintage look, the right choice and are suitable not only space but also the vintage modern if you handle them properly. Chandeliers, stunning sculptures and combo chandelier will highlight your style, and those awesome butterflies makes the room very feminine. A simple colored pastel lights can make the neutral space looks more feminine. Need more ideas? Take a look at the ideas below!

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