Sunday, February 05, 2017

Cheap and Easy way to Beautify the Bathroom with touch of color

The room interior design can not be separated from the color schemes, including the bathroom interior design. Today many of the bathroom interior design still using neutral colors. This color is considered "safe" to use the bathroom, especially for small sized bathroom.

But it is not true, in a proper way, a touch of color beyond the neutral will beautify your bathroom space. Want to know how? Here are easy ways to give a touch of color in your bathroom.

Paint your wall bathroom

Paint is the cheapest and easiest way to give a touch of color in your bathroom. Choose the color basecoat beforehand that according to your wishes. Next, you just add the other colors in the bathroom other interior elements.

Add accent colors on walls

You get into trouble to paint all parts of the wall? There is another way to add a touch of color. You just add an accent color to one wall section only. This wall will automatically become the focal point of your bathroom. And remember, the focal point should be easily seen, so you have to choose the right position of the wall that will be accented.

Use colorful tiles with attractive patterns 

The color of the bathroom tiles typically use only one color and that are all too common. Today Modern bathroom design use colorful tiles and has a certain pattern. As an accent color on the walls, tiles like this will be the focal point of your bathroom.

Choose Towels with Rich Color Styling

Not only to dry off, who would have thought the towels could also give color to your room. Towels have diverse patterns and color choices are varied. This is an efficient and practical way to beautify your bathroom.

Add color through Decorating

Although the bathroom was only a small part of the house, do not underestimate the interior decoration. And do not be afraid to give decoration for your small bathroom. With proper placement of decorations, your bathroom will look more beautiful. Flowers, candles, or even a shelf decoration could be an option to decorating your bathroom.

Give a touch of color with wall paintings

Embedding a painting on the wall is one way to give color to your bathroom. But do not forget, the bathroom is a room with high humidity. So choose the painting is resistant to water and add a frame from being damaged due to moist air.

Add Green Plants in Bathroom

The green color of plants is the right choice to give a touch of color on the bathroom interior design. You do not have to use live plants, artificial plants can be an option. In addition to providing color, the plant could also be a beautiful and natural decoration for your bathroom

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