Cheap, Easy, Unique Rustic Kitchen Countertop from Wood recycled

If you liked the rustic decor concept and more use of wood materials, makes the countertop in the kitchen as a way to show off your taste and it's nothing wrong with that. Used wood recycling materials for countertop was also not less cool than the marble or ceramic material for countertop; kitchen would increasingly seem more natural.

Natural impression, elegant and comfortable will automatically be created in the kitchen. we have set up a wooden countertop inspiration that can be applied in your kitchen, lets check the ideas,

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood
is the way to make furniture from wood discarded recyclable. This method is for those who love nature will be satisfied because take benefit from the wood which no longer used it. Moreover, if the timber has an irregular shape, like a tree that had just cut down.

Reclaimed wood or recycled wood is actually wood previously used either for interior or exterior. Getting old, recycled wood increasingly in demand and old timber from railway sleepers the most sought for countertop kitchen

Type of Wood Recycling

This type of wood is the most common and well-known is teak, ironwood or ramin. Timber was considered to have an artistic look because there are naturally scratches inside the wood, would not be surprised if this kind of timber the little bit expensive.

Railroad Wood

Our recommendation preferably uses an old timber from railway sleepers, Because the used wood is considered to be solid and durable. The longer of wood age, it will be more hardened and solid like iron. Old timber from railway is very strong, because it is outside, exposed to rain and scorching sun, as well as the friction that occurs when a train passes over it.

Do not throw away recycled wood, because there are a lot of ideas that can be used to create new functions on scrap wood, which would be more creative and natural. In addition, scrap wood also reduces the amount of garbage and reducing illegal logging which increasingly alarming. Let's apply the use of scrap wood in your home
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