Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Baby Room Decoration Ideas Trend for 2017

Whether you're planning to create a special room for the baby, but still confused as to what the most appropriate decorations? When you want to decorate a room, you can look for inspiration on the Internet. This time we will inspire baby room decoration that will be the trend in 2017, let's check the ideas below.

Forest Wallpaper

If you like the atmosphere of a green, quiet, fresh and natural, you can put wallpaper with a pattern of trees, views of the forest or the mountains with a background of grays like this or even any as long as it provides a natural atmosphere can be made a wise choice.

3D Wood Animal Art

one of the fresh ideas that are suitable for a baby room decor inspiration is to create pieces of wooden planks shaped like animals are also very cute and can be applied in the nursery.

Rustic Accent

You want a baby room decor that is not only suitable for children but also comfortable for adults, geo touch wallpaper on the wall and comfortable furniture like a sofa can be put into baby's room.

Fairytale Forest

Want that completely safe and comfortable for the baby. Simply use patterned wallpaper with forest theme combined with soft pastel colors, with minimal use of furniture and only a thick fluffy carpet under the baby's bed basket, this inspiration is worth to try.

Moody Woods

If the baby boy and you want to make a baby room decor that reflects a boy, try to create a nursery with the feel gloomy or dreary cold but comfortable. Staying put wallpaper with mountain or forest theme that looks cool. To create a sweet impression, simply plug in the wall frame with cute animal pictures.

Up Up and Away

Want to give the feel of fun for baby? Try something different like air balloon decoration which set up in parallel, as if the balloon carried by the wind and don't forget put some cute animals puppet inside the basket like the photo above.

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