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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Room Divider Ideas and Partition Design as Element of Decoration

Room divider wall is not necessarily permanent. The temporary can actually make the room multi-functional and can also be a decorative element adds to the beauty of a room and have aesthetic value is higher than using plain walls.

So far, we have often used the room divider. However, the more commonly used are the partitions that are more permanent, such as a brick wall. But did you know that there are a wide range of room divider made from a variety of materials as well? Various room divider can also be used as needed. That’s why material chosen is not just limiting or insulate the room but also as an element of decor in the room.

For interior designers, the main function of a room divider is to define a space so obvious functionality and usefulness. Similarly, the activities are carried out in the room in order to take place as well. “So before determining the type of room divider that we want to make, first we need to look and determine the function or the main needs of the room that would be given divider,”.

If you want to create a temporary room divider, used an easily moveable room divider, or can also use a semi-permanent partition. Since the divider is easily assembled and light and air circulation is not sacrificed.

Temporary room divider can be distinguished from its form. Similarly, the material used, different material also different functions. For example, the material used for permanent room divider is not the same as the material used for temporary types.

That is why, room divider can be categorized into two types, namely:

First, partition for high and medium privacy rooms to limit the space which prioritizes a high privacy.

Such as bedrooms and workroom, we could use a solid divider material and non-transparent.

Example as follows:

1. Brick walls and concrete block walls were plastered.

2. Gypsum partition that can be added glass wool if we also use to drown out the sound to provide privacy for homeowners. Silencers can also be placed in the pantry to help drown out the noise emanating from activities in the kitchen, heat, smoke, or unpleasant smells from the kitchen to the dining room. And in the sink or the dressing room space, dampness divider can function as a buffer noise from the bathroom to the bedroom.

3. Panels of aluminum, solid wood frame that is lined with teakwood rafters, if we just want to limit the room visually. The house has a high room, it takes a folding door made of aluminum coated with foam and fabric. It is intended that each room being soundproofed and not “disturb” the other room. “Usually the folding door in the room that has a high roof 1.5 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. This is to facilitate movement. Each lower and upper bars should be given wheels so it is easy to slide.

Meanwhile, for a minimalist style house, preferably using a folding door made from solid wood with a width of about 50 centimeters and 1.75 meters high. Folding door for your home can be used as a divider between the living room and dining room and can be customized with wishes the owner of the house.

4. Combination of all three of the above material.

Second, semiprivate partition room or mid-level privacy

Like the living room and family room. Then you can use a temporary divider material or partitions that can be moved (movable partition), sliding (sliding partition) or folded (folding partition). These are the type of material used for semi-private room divider.

Glass Material, glass material type, there are types of tempered or laminated stickers that can be sandblast, rayband and frosted glass ice. This material could use a frame or stand-alone, as long as the use of glass with a minimum thickness of 10 mm for the frameless.

Wood materials. Using a series of wood the size of beams, rafters or battens are arranged vertically. It typically uses melamine or varnish finish by accentuating the wood fibers. Its structure can be vertical or horizontal, which is important with density fitted as required. The other material is a metal frame or metal frame, either stainless steel or aluminum. However, as a filler middle could use wood, fabric ply foam, fabric or glass.

Mix Material, wood and glass with a wooden frame used for a modern tropical style. For classic and ethnic, usually using wood pallet or plywood multiplex teakwood combined with iron frame that is carved or shaped curve and use the glass with sandblast and stained glass motif.

In addition to using materials such as separators, can also use the existing furniture. For example, furniture that has a direction toward or two (two face / two sided). Typically, such furniture is used to separate the living room and family room.

When you decide to use a room divider, here are some aspects that must be considered before applying the divider space are:

1. Budget. Remember that the budget is not only related with the purchase of an existing partition. Installation is also noteworthy. After that, you can proceed to measure the room that was about to be given partition. This needs to be done to reduce errors in building partitions.

2. Make a design according to which you want to view. For example, totally closed or just a pseudo divider that can be seen from the other room?

3. Partition material. We know, the partition can be divided into two: the permanent and non-permanent. If the partition is not permanent, try not to damage its existence other room elements such as walls and floors. And for a permanent, you should have already made plans earlier.

4. Finishing materials in accordance with the design concept. After all finished, you should switch to the other matters, whether the existence of a partition harmonize with the existing furniture in the room to remain ideal. In this case, you can try to equate the character of the material. There are also other alternatives, ie by equating the color character. If possible, give special lighting on the partition you made in order to be a focal point.

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