Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Creative Paint Color Schemes for Stylish kitchen

You're planning to renovate the kitchen? Want to have a stylish kitchen with modern minimalist interior design ? Well, you should try to be creative with the color scheme of your kitchen.

Here are 5 ideas kitchen color scheme that besides making the kitchen look more stylish, but also brings a cheerful atmosphere.

Such as sunlight, yellow is the color that symbolizes optimism and cheerfulness, even known as the yellow color to stimulate appetite. This is a fantastic color choice to brighten the kitchen, especially if your kitchen is dark or cramped.

However, when choosing the color yellow, beware of intensity. Bright yellow is best used as an accent color throughout the kitchen, wall, or backsplash. Meanwhile, pale yellow or yellow butter better for kitchen cabinets

Navy blue
Navy or marine blue always gives the impression of calm but also modern. The kitchen cabinets are blue sea will be very beautiful when combined with a touch of white and wood. Gray accents or gold can also be an option to the kitchen and lighting fixtures or lamps.

One other simple way to accentuate the navy blue color in your kitchen is to apply it to the backsplash. And do not forget the accessories. Try using navy blue color for your kitchen chair.

Adding a bit of glamor in your kitchen turned out to be easy. Metallic accents with brass, silver, or copper can be a trick to create a luxurious kitchen without spending much money.

Try replacing chrome kitchen furniture with brass. It will provide a tremendous effect. Combine by selecting brass color accessories, such as teapots.

The lights can also give glamor effect on your kitchen. Place the copper-colored kitchen lights in the middle of the room a solid color so that the main focus on your kitchen. Choosing the color of gold or silver for the backsplash be a great option to make your kitchen more "shine".

Gray is not always boring, but always gives the impression of elegance and clean, and easily combined with white and wood. Grey is best used for large kitchen elements than for small accessories. One of the best ways to apply gray in your kitchen is the kitchen cabinet. If your kitchen is small, try pale gray or often called the French gray.

Additionally, you can also add a gray touch on the walls, floor and backsplash. To enhance elegant impression in your kitchen, add contrasting accents such as chrome, brass, or wood textured.

Bright & Sharp Color Combinations
The art of combining two or more colors can make your kitchen so much more alive. Bright colors like turquoise and chartreuse (yellow-green), orange and yellow with gray, red and white or color can be a creative color combination. The color combination is also very much reflect the other side of your personality, so here you are free to be creative with your favorite colors.

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