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Monday, January 25, 2016

Modern Victorian Style Home Interior Design for Contemporary Dwelling

If we talk about the Victorian style, straight comes to mind is the classic style, elegant, English Manor and conservative, It is true that the Victorian-style home interior design is more defined as the design and decoration in the same way as the people did in the days of Queen Victoria's golden era in England.

The elements in the Victorian style interior design have complicated pattern, both furniture and accessories, interior design usually full of ornament for the owner interests and existence is strongly reflected throughout the room, have a large area so it looks luxurious and widely implemented in those who have a large family.

Home decorating style that never changes from generation to generation during this period is characterized by huge size of the room and furniture. Victoria style usually also comes with carved ornaments visible in rolls, petals, and wine. The walls are always covered with wallpaper featuring huge floral pattern, birds or feathers, and the floor is covered with huge oriental rug patterns.

The color design is usually of dark colors, including red, purple, blue, brown, green, and black, identical to the paintings and unique furniture that became the basic key theme. Of course some elements are needed rather expensive.

However, in line with the times there has been a fundamental change in the orientation particularly among the interior designer that tries to make a breakthrough with some experiment that combines elements of modern and classic, proven to produce something new and extraordinary.

Here is a project of remodeling a Victorian home which is then converted into a modern style. But unlike most home remodeling that generally destroy the entirely house and start building from zero, this remodeling project is still insert original elements of the old Victorian building into the interior design of the new house after remodeling.

The result is a blend of unique and interesting with a mix of modern style and Victorian antique, the designer succeed stole public attention with the distinctiveness and its uniqueness, check this out.

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