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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cozy Modern Rustic Style Home Interior Design for Contemporary Dwelling

The key to getting the look modern rustic style dwelling easy! Open floor plan, modern furniture, natural colors, exposed of natural and architectural elements. That's it and modern rustic style can be yours! Here are tips and a complete review to make cozy modern rustic style home interior design for contemporary dwelling.

The essence of modern rustic style is to get the warmth and beauty of the rustic dwelling with all the comforts and combined with modern style. So you have to keep using a combination of modern furniture to keep the look that is not ancient but still modern. Mid century furniture is the perfect option for modern rustic style. Skin without motive and wood is the right material choice. For the kitchen also try to give a modern touch to the clean lines.

Wood and natural stone are the most important element in creating a modern rustic style. This material is used in both the interior and exterior of the house can instantly create rustic look. For rustic style lovers who want to bring nature into the room, the easiest way is to use exposed natural materials .

The other aspect is to carry and use rustic material to cover the sofa, carpet, bed linen, etc. Simple fabrics such as linen without motif is a very common choice. Use this material to cover sofas, carpets, cushions, and do not forget to choose a neutral soft color. Also use materials such as hemp for a natural atmosphere in the room. Large window openings also very important to create a rustic look. Modern houses also require large window openings, it is very important and prominent in defining modern rustic style house.

The last, keeping the house color remain in bright and calm. Walls with bright colors and wallpaper are not included in the definition of rustic style. So move on to paint walls, or even better if you use natural materials such as natural stone or wood, get inspired with the ideas below.

Ceilings using exposed wood, limestone or stone walls of exposed brick, house with cathedral ceilings towering is the most popular example of characteristic rustic style.

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