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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cool Shabby Chic Style Romantic Home Decor, Cheap but Stylish

If you are the type of person who refuses to follow the norm of beauty in a common way and prefer to be unique and different, then this style is perfect for you. Style that still follow the basics aesthetic that is "ever lasting" actually originated in England in the 19th century Shabby meaning in English is "shabby" while chic is beautiful or stylish

This style is a form of interior design where furniture were chosen to display 'old age' and signs that gives antique impression, shabby with classic motifs such as garlands, cherubs, and pastels. Variants of shabby chic include: Cottage chic, Beach cottage chic, French country, and Gustavian (Swedish). An old fashion cottage-style decor is quite messy, but still soft, relaxed, feminine, romantic, luxurious and charming.

Shabby Chic interior design style is actually a combination of different styles based on a combination of designer tastes. However, this merger does not make a contrast one to another, in fact, it can create a unique decorating theme.

Not only known in the world of interior design, the term Shabby Chic also we can meet in the fashion world. The concept is the same, namely trying to bring something old and new into a harmonious whole. This style interior tends to look elegant and feminine. No wonder most of the fans are women, check the ideas below.

Above image, Roses and ruffles are the key ingredients to a romantic décor. You can achieve the look outdoors as well by setting your dining table with a ruffled quilt in place of a tablecloth. Recreate the look below for less by layering inexpensive ruffled bed skirts to look like an expensive ruffled bedspread.

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