Monday, January 11, 2016

Cheap Vintage Shabby Chic Style Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas

One of timeless inspiration source for home interior decor is American Vintage style or commonly called the shabby chic style, the key element in the arrangement of this style is how to combine various styles in properly between colors, patterns and contrasting textures such as dots, stripes and florals and then born a new style that is an elegant and beautiful but the most important is cheap

This element can be expressed through a variety of elements, such as upholstery, wallpaper to furniture shapes and final finishing touch. This is what distinguishes the shabby chic style with a minimalist style design that tends to seem 'cool' and rigid.

One implementation of shabby chic style that is able to invite admiration can be applied to the kitchen and dining room by choosing a color palette typical shabby chic style like pastels, warm white and tiffany blue as the main color lining the walls, cabinets and various knick knacks.

Not just color and texture, the election of a chair and dining table was harmonized with the design concept, ie complicated details carved ornaments on the back and legs characterize of the shabby chic style furniture. The pantry and kitchen look more beautiful with the addition of an accessory that is placed on the shelves like a tin pot contains a series of artificial flowers to the arrangement of tableware, check the ideas below : )

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