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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tuscan Style Home Interior Design and Decorating Elements, Photos

The Tuscan interior design, able to bring warmth, natural impression and closeness to nature, as if we bring the outdoor atmosphere into the house. not only that, the house also strong with atmosphere of the past.

The material used in Tuscan design

Natural materials mostly dominate the Tuscany interior design and decoration, among other natural stone, marble, terracotta and wood. Natural stones such as marble are generally placed on the counter, floor, or kitchen backsplash. Rock material also used as an accent around the fireplace. Other materials like terracotta commonly used as a floor or roof of the house. While the wood material is more prevalent for furniture, especially a table and chairs.

Color selection

Natural colors are usually used, and can bring a warm feel to the house. Brick red color, brown, yellow, orange and peach for interior decoration as well as light blue and light green as a representation of the sky and plants.


The floor is usually made to look a bit old-fashioned and rustic and tends to lead to the Mediterranean or old Italian house style. For those of you who want a luxurious appearance, you can use marble or mosaic tiles. For those who want a comfortable and cheap flooring, terracotta tile or dark wood floor is the wisest alternative.

Buildings walls

You must use the elements and colors with natural feel. Some important components of the wall is characteristic of, among other things antique mosaics, murals, and plaster. Make your walls looks old and past. In fact, you can do a paint distressing treatments with fake cracks in order to get a view of the wall is nearly similar with Tuscany original. Alternatively, you can use the Venetian plasters which require application techniques staining multi – layered.

Furniture for interior decoration

Place furniture which has a classic design with a strong straight lines and simple without a lot of complicated ornaments. The more simple the furniture, it will get better. In fact, the impression you want emphasized in Tuscany furniture is classic impression that tends to antique. The selected material tends sturdy and solid. The use of dark hardwoods still dominate this Tuscany-style furniture. Furniture made of dark wood, among others, tables, chairs, kitchen islands and cabinet. You can also use a material made of iron or Wrought iron. avoid the use of furniture from materials that have been polished or shiny surface. Because this would conflict with the principles of Tuscany-style.

Ornaments, knick – knacks, and decoration accessories

There are a variety of knick – knacks that you can select. For example, you can choose wall sconces made from iron (wrought iron). The iron material can also be present in the form of decoration or other accessories, such as a magazine rack or shelf drinks and snacks, check this out below..

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