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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mediterranean Architectural Style Characteristics Indoor and Outdoor

In general, there are three types of Mediterranean architecture style, namely Italy, Greece, and Spain. Each type has a different characteristic.

Italian Mediterranean architecture, for example, mostly use marble flooring, ceiling buffer made of wood, and iron chandelier mounted hanging on ceiling. Large furniture in the house, covered with cloth or plastic, and a table or chair is made with lots of carvings and ornaments, stuff such as pottery and ceramics, vases and jar.

Greek Mediterranean architecture may look simple, practical, and not too fancy as just like Italian-style. The walls and floor are left smooth white with green and navy blue upholstered furniture. While the Spanish Mediterranean architecture style is more likely to resemble of Italian style, which many elaborate diverse colors and the use of various types of materials.

The Italian Mediterranean architecture dominant using red and yellow and lit, the Spain both the color actually looks softer, natural, and grounded so that is not too flashy. Although Mediterranean architecture is divided into 3 types, but there are the same element and it is typical of the Mediterranean style, one is the balance between indoor and outdoor areas both areas have the same portion.

The kitchen usually yellow or white and kitchen wall fitted with tiles. In addition, the kitchen window ledges also made a little wider to place the herbs in pots are often used spice in cooking. Marble, granite and other natural stone used as a countertop material.

For interior decoration, accessories are essential, items such as jars, vases, and ornaments made of ceramics as well as the selection of wallpaper or rug should be in harmony with room floor, let’s check these out below,

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