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Skylight Roof Design, Natural Light Indoor Solutions and Element of aesthetic Home interior

April 23, 2018

One of the problems that were encountered in the interior of a house is the presence of a dark room at home that do not receive sunlight. Space can only get the lighting of the lamp. In fact, it has been be handled by providing openings in front and also the rear house.

Kitchen Under Stairs Design, Space Saving Solution for Small House

April 22, 2018

There are many ways to make small homes comfortable. Among them is using a mirror for a wider effect, utilizing multifunction furniture, uniting two rooms in one area, to make the kitchen under the stairs.

Cool Container Home Design Ideas, it's Unique, Practical and Functional

April 21, 2018

This cool container homes designed by the Canadian architectural firm HonoMobo, it's Unique, Practical and Functional, The idea of this project is to convert the container and changed it's interior to make it comfortable and properly conditioned spaces to be able to provide as private residences and can be then delivered anywhere in the US to provide as a home.

Cozy Open Kitchen Concept and Design you're Gonna Love

April 20, 2018

The concept of a kitchen as a cooking place that used to be always behind the house and quite cornered slowly began to change and grow. Nowadays the kitchen location is no longer in the back of a house, a kitchen can be placed in the middle of the house and apply the open concept.

Simple Tips to Decorate the Balcony into a Stylish Dream Open Space

April 20, 2018

The balcony is an open space that outer of a house on the second floor or more. Usually, the balcony is made of a size that is not too large. And usually the balcony area only as an area of expansion of space and only limited to empty space without decoration. If you want to be more creative,  you can do a simple decorate on the balcony area and change it into a stylish dream open space which suitable for hanging out fun with friends or family, and also will add a beautiful atmosphere in your place. Do not believe? To further beautify the balcony at home, you just add five of these objects, check it out

Cool Country Farmhouse Style Decorating ideas

April 19, 2018

Living in a big city that has metropolitan lifestyle sometimes makes you adjust your home design with local style. Even though a modern style house is not your style! but do not worry buddy, you can do your own decoration with country farmhouse style  that is natural and comfortable. There are some decoration details that you can create a cozy country atmosphere inside your house,  Check it out!

Cool Modern Rustic Style Bathroom Design

April 18, 2018

The concept of rustic style is synonymous with something natural and classic that much in people's demand and quite interesting. Especially when the rustic style is combined with a modern design concept that looks sophisticated and elegant. The blend of bathroom design and decoration with modern rustic style provides a blend of charming style and quite unique, this makes the bathroom more comfortable and warm impressed, with a classical and natural touch make this rustic concept easily integrated with modern concepts through several elements such as below

Vintage Furnitures and Accessories For Home Decoration

April 15, 2018

When decorating homes or dwellings by applying a particular theme or style, sometimes we often have to look for certain items to maximize the final result of decoration, including also in decorating a house with a vintage theme, especially choosing accessories to decorate in a Vintage style is quite enough difficult, so to avoid mistake when choosing the accessories, here are tips on choosing vintage accessories to decorate the house in order to look cool and perfect
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